Price Schedule for Winter 2014 Session
January 2 – March 28, 2014 – 12 weeks

90 minute classes:

12 Classes (90 minute classes): $156.00($13/class)
9 Classes (90 minute classes): $126.00($14/class)
Student/Senior 12 classes (90 min. class): $140.40
– Drop-in Class:$15/class
- Student Drop-in: $12/class
– Enrolled students drop-in class: $13/class

One hour classes:

12 One hour classes: $132.00 ($11/class)
9 One hour classes: $108.00 ($12/class)
Student/Senior (12 – 1 hr. class): $118.80
– Drop-in One Hour Class: $13/class
– Enrolled students drop-in class (1 hour class): $11/class

Discounts- Enrolled students (those who have purchased a 11, 15 or larger class “card”) receive a discount on drop-in classes. Seniors (65+), students, and AY students who have purchased multiple classes per week, receive 10% discount*.
*Must enroll in full session to qualify for discount.
Class Packages expires at end of session (3.28.14)

For students new to Allied Yoga:

One Week Unlimited Classes for Only $20


Monthly Payments (*see more info. below):
4 Classes per Month: $55.00/month
8 Classes per month: $100/month

Unlimited Month: $150 (one month of unlimited classes)
Unlimited month (student): $125 (one month of unlimited classes)

Benefactor: $550/year for 47 classes (about 1/week for entire year during times that classes are offered) or $1100 (approx. 2 classes per week for entire year or 94 classes to be used during times that classes are offered) Benefactors have the exclusive privilege of carrying missed classes over from session to session.  Also: benefactors become the recipient of our undying gratitude :)

*Information about the monthly payment “membership”: 
4 or 8 classes each month (must carry membership for at least 3 months). Automatically renews monthly membership with a credit card kept on file. It renews same day of following month.
A three month initial participation in this program is required. After that, a 14-day written notice is required to cancel your participation in this program. 
AY students have 45 days to use each month’s accumulated passes. For example, let’s say you signed up on January 1st for the 6 pass per month membership. You’d be charged on January 1st and have 6 passes credited to your account. On February 1st you’d be charged your monthly fee and be credited with 6 more passes on your account. However, you’d have until February 15th to use up the 6 passes that were credited to your account in January.