B.K.S. Iyengar translates sutra II,46, sthira sukham asanam, as “Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence and benevolence of spirit”. Edwin Bryant offers an economical reading: “Posture should be steady and comfortable.”

Ropes allow practitioners at every level of experience to seek and maintain steadiness and ease in a wide variety of poses with minimal manipulation of props.

Certain poses are more accessible to people with injuries or chronic conditions. For example, headstand done suspended on the ropes puts no pressure on the neck or shoulders.
The support ropes provide help one remain in poses longer to explore more confidently the effects of different postures and to delight in the benefits of moderate stretching, squeezing and nourishing of muscles and vital organs.

Similarly, the mind, aided by the breath, can be stilled more readily in supported poses. As asana practice deepens, it becomes more refined, more meditative and begins to illuminate the unity of body,mind and soul.

by Allied Yoga floating teacher and long-time Iyengar yogi Kris Onuf

Kris in rope sirasana (rope head stand)

Kris in rope sirasana (rope head stand)

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